Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy to scrap

Sharing a page that i did for my twin.A simple page for her.and no,she did not just got married lol!.this photo is 12 years old ;) She's pretty happy with this gift and that makes my heart smile ;)

Herez a sneak peek i did for my DT Challenge that i will be hosting at inspireMe in Feb.Webster's Pages have done it again with their elegant "Hello Beautiful". .Awww so love the range ;) It definitely will get your creative juices flowing!and So hoping to see you gals here for the challenge.

Herez my lil skyler sharing the big excitement with me!!This huge box with my DT stuffs came from Webster's Pages.The goodies are so yummy you could eat them! Everything inside it definitely tempt my scrapping side! I can't thank Terri and Brandin enuf!

and so herez my sharing..so many of you have asked me where do i get my inspiration from or rather how my creative process come about. From young,i have always loved art,every detail of it. And i love good photos or photos that carry many important messages and memories. I print them out and put them aside first. When i think of a sketch to work with,I will choose which photos will best suit the sketch and to convey the message the best way it can.

and from young,i have loved vintage stufs.my dad used to collect them too when he was still around.i like to use them in my artwork and find ways to document them.Of course, the very true inspirations come from my children.everypage is about their story and if i can plus that with a touch of artistic feel..hmm..that's a perfect page for me ;)
What about you?


nina .... said...

just beautiful Jaz!! i am sure you will have fun with all of those websters goodies too!!

Blue Banana said...

This is so special - just stunning pic...the colors and papers are amazing together!!!!

Alecia said...

What a BEAUTIFUL gift, you did good!! And look at all those fun goodies to play with. Have fun!!

Shirley said...

Arghhhhh!!! I want also!! I want also!! Remember.... good friends share everything ok?!! Ok??!! Arghhhhh!!!!
Ok, over with the virtual screaming. Congrats again gal, you really deserve all that yummy stuff. You worked sweat and tears for it. It's been a long, difficult road and not many know how hard it was for you. Keep it up! Me am behind you all the way!

Sue said...

Beautiful layout Jaz! Does your twin scrap too? ;) btw, I've nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger award. Check out my blog. :)

Princess Gizmo said...

Hi Empress Jaz!! How are you dear? Anyway I just got an award for you. Please check my blog :)

P/s: I want some of those goodies!!! Teehee..

Edleen said...

Beautiful layout Jaz :) and wow, such Yummy goodies! can't wait to see what you do with them.

have a Super Weekend!