Friday, March 1, 2013

Webster's Pages love @ February 2013...

 Washi FUN @ Webster's Pages. Used Washi tape to dress up three chipboard circles
that I have hand cutout. Thanks Jenni for this beautiful photo
 taken at your beautiful wedding ;)

Sky was featured at WP and I was so thrilled to see my lil sonshine and the 
artwork we did together on WP blog. Altered a toilet paper roll, into  a butterfly pen holder. Yayy !

So sweet to have Faith showing what she had done with
some candies and sweets and lil boxes of chocs that
she wanted to giver to her cuz ;)

 And lastly a class layout with a attached endless card "PMKT" dedicated to my friends at PMKT ;)

Thank you all for dropping by ;)
Have a blessed week ahead ;)



pattyo said...

Fabulous projects, Jaz! Looks like your children are inheriting your talent!

mignonnelulu said...

back to back to back marvellous projects..even simple sky's creation is such candy to the eye. Especially love the pkmt project...unique, innovative and refreshing!!

Frank Delaney said...

she is looking so cute in 2nd last pic..
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