Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thank you sweet hubby dearest...{and thx sweet lulu...hee}

I kept seeing this nicely wrapped gift. under the xmas tree. someone left it there . at the True Love Christmas Party at my place on 24th Dec.Too busy too busy with 30 adults and 10 kids at the Party!! lol Had a great time celebrating His love. Thank you all that help made this party successful!

ooooo and then.... When it was time to open our presents, i kept asking sweet lulu if she was the one that gave me that huge gift lol {because i think i saw her coming in with it but she kept giggling everytime i asked her about it lol} ..THEN....I tore open the wrapper.....and SQUELLLLLLL! Sizzix from hubby dearest!!! o my!!!! And thx Lulu for planning and helping out simon to get this lovely surprise gift!! Plus so many dies!!!

Love ya Simon! Love ya lulu, Love Ya all! Love Sizzix!



pattyo said...

Wonderful gift!

~* steph :) *~ said...

woohoo, awesome gift :)! enjoy, miss jaz! *hugs* steph :)