Sunday, November 27, 2011

sweet sweet november rain...wif gifts..

I have received many birthday wishes and love all around. and am thankful for many warm friends & lovely family that I have. My birthday celebration this year was a blast! I am so thankful for all the love and sweet gifts and I have to say , i was so surprised when I saw this tb!! Thk u Lulu dearest for 'only in my dreams' Ted Baker.
and Cla, remember how i guessed it right at Carousel? LOL im still laughing! oh, you cheered me up with this Happy Call!!! Yipeeee! So many many many many lovely gifts from family and friends { can't 'show off' all of them here lol , i am so very blessed!!

and here's some shopping for myself..teehee ;)

i call them the doilie plates. i heart them.

thank you simon for my beautiful cheongsam!
{ i have to go on diet!! help...}

last but not least, yes, my latest Chanel love.....;)

Just some fun sharings here ;)
Thank you all that attended my class today,
we all had fun din't we ? *wink*

Have a great week ahead ;)


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Blossom inch said...

lovely gifts Jaz and Happy Birthday again!