Monday, September 19, 2011

hello tue ;) hello digi ;)

Layout" today.beautiful"
Photo taken at Botanical Garden.
Cupcakes session with shir, lu,yin..

Layout "together"
Photo taken at Crystal Jade.
Farewell for Yin.

Layout "our story"
Cheryl and celest..
"Enjoy your sisterhood"
Photo by ML ;)

Hello Friends,
How have you gals been?
I have been so busy with kids
and had some weekend getaway fun,
which our family enjoyed so much.
This week is hubby's birthday week
so will be extra busy lol
I want tot hank all of you for coming by.
Thank you for your blog love.



Blossom inch said...

lovely them all!

Sabrina said...

I think people always know that the page is done by you when they first look at the page. Your creations are SO you and I have to tell not everyone has that unique trademark. So happy for you, Jaz! And these pages are just gorgeous!! :)

BabyBokChoy said...

how amazing are these? seeriously, wowser!!! The etheral feeling to these layouts!!!

sharon Ong said...

Even in Digi, your work is amazingly detailed! :) So nice lah....very Jaz!

LG said...

Love how it just draws your eye to the photos all the time!

♥ Audrey ♥ said...

Such gorgeousness! You're a fast learner!

Liza Yahya said...

This is lovely Jaz! Hey I had a fun time at your workshop in Papier last Saturday, thanks to you for sharing with us superb techniques, take care