Sunday, May 8, 2011

Saturday and such

Layout "adore"
Adore this girly friendship of faith my daughter and her cuz deyna.
always full of love and warmth.
always there for each other.

Layout " home.."
a layout for myself. for Mother's Day ;)
to my children, i love you all so much.
So many times, i stressed about coping with Mommyhood,
So many times, I cried.
and thought I could not get through
the difficult journeys,
But through God's grace. and perserverence...
Here I am,
a happy and blessed Mommy.
Thank you children, for being the greatest part of me.

Happy Birthday Uncle Charlie.
I have just received an sms from Charlie's only angel.
and so i heard the party was a blast!
May you stay happy, healthy and handsome {er-herm} always...kekeke

Layout "k"
Kelly is my sweet niece whose parents {my 2nd sis, oh i have 5 sisters anyway...;) } have just migrated from Hong Kong. She likes ballet , just like Faith and am so glad to see her so inspired and improved tremendously . Just a little simple piece to encourage her...;)

and if you are in Singapore, with me...Gosh you know about the oven that we are staying in! It's duper hot and talking about exam week, and wif these photos, i think we are not the least 'kanchiong' lol!
- I can't believe it that I could find this singlish word "kanchiong" in the so called coxford dic .gulp.
(kahn chee-ong)
A Cantonese and Hokkien term meaning nervous, harried or uptight.
exp: "Your exam in June, now only March, you kan-cheong for what?" (The exam's in June and now it's only March. What are you getting so nervous about?"

Anyhow, we went to soak in the pool for hourssss!!! lol and had super fun family time ;)

Thank you for being here and patiently reading what I share about LOL!

Blessed Mommy Day to all ;)



Tan E-Zen said...

Yes Jaz. Here I am "kan cheong-ly" reading your post with all the gorgeousness overload layouts so that I can quickly study for my exams.... And be a little more "kan cheong" or "Kia su"... Hehe! See you next next Sunday.(:

Blossom inch said...

Happy Mother's Day and those layouts are just gorgeous with lots of details to see. Good to have some good time in the pool with the family ha...enjoy your week.

Rachael Funnell said...

SOOOOO Much Gorgeousness here JAZ!!!!!!
Your work is just Divine, Love it All...... & your have some Awesome photos!!! What a gorgeous Family you have!!

Audrey Pettit said...

Beautiful, beautiful layouts, Jaz, sweet girl! I am just in awe of your work and your style. So detailed and fabulous. Always.
And love the pool photos. Looks like such fun for everyone!

BabyBokChoy said...

You have such a gorgeous family!!! And your layouts are always breathtaking! wow!

mignonnelulu said...

u look like a celebrity....with LARGE sunglasses and full combed-back I'm amazed kan-cheong is actually defined!! Way to go Singapore!! Lurrvvvee the layout u did for Charlie..his angel is definitely over-the-moon ;) muacks! Can't thank you enough!

pattyo said...

Always an inspiration! What a beautiful family you have!