Monday, April 5, 2010

April Full of Stories

Sneak Peeks for Bad Girls Mar 2010 Kits

Layout 1 " sweet child of mine"

very excited to share my first ever projects for BG Kits. love the kits so much ;)

Layout 2 : "beauty..."
Hello frenz,
my trip home was really a nice one. it was also filled with so much memories of my pa. we had the qing ming and pa must be proud that so many of his daughters and son in laws went home for this occassion which he deemed so important when he was around. we were very happy for the LEE sisters that managed to meet up for the reunion. so much laughters and fun especially from the eight kids!! and then we all got sad when we started to clean up pa's old house. we spent hours and hours together tearing up all the old docs and cleared the house to almost ground zero. the house is to be sold. we took some last pics together (not posted here cox all red eyes sob sob) and said goodbye.
herez some precious stuffs i got from home. my mom's retro bags ;)

some of our childhood storybooks!!! so glad to have found my old piano manuscripts and yeh!!! my pinochio pop-up storybook!
and am a proud owner of these vintage photos. especially those of my pa on his big bikes.

We dropped by Perak Tong Cave @ Ipoh. It has my pa's last name "Tong". so meaningful somehow. Bro in law brought us to Ipoh for nice lunch and white coffee. but we could not find any ipoh horfun lol. and so we heard that there's no such menu in ipoh. btw, this was a break from the journey from kl, before driving up to alor setar. we all got bored in the car . smokes were coming out from our butts oooppssand was glad to get out of the car for a breather. as you can see in the photo. GOSH! i so can jump! and i so love this photo and i love the man who took this photo. he always do such a good job with snapshots like this. muackk simon!
1-2-3 JUMP!!!!!

in kl. we din't get any chance to shop during this trip and we all had fun shopping at the grocery shop outside my sis place @ Aman Suria. lol.
ma, me and ta-jie

im sorry that my photos are jumping random. this is back to alor setar. at where we were heading for our qing ming. we parked the car and the kids were so amazed with the huge rubber estate. so they got up close and personal with the rubber tree lol. look at their faces. they were speechless lol

this is where my pa was born. in a place called Langgar. we spent lots of our childhood time there with grandpa and cousins. and playing with the neighbours' kids. and one of them that used to stay next door is the now famous HK actress Li Xinjie. and no, i don't think so that she remembers us at all... :(

Kedah, the land of paddy field. on our way.managed to snap this. love this lil hut ;)
i thank simon for suggesting that we went home. yesterday he drove all the way back from alor setar to singapore. from 8am to 8pm!!! without complaining. xie xie lou-kong ;)
to all my friends, thank you for visiting while i was away. i am glad my website is not a site full of webs lol but am blessed to have you gals in this blogworld. thank you.
lots of love,




eMeLiNe Seet said...

make me take tissue sit down dab eyes lah... you CAN JUMP hor ?!! LOL!!
ps: I found your article ! very nice write up will pass it 2u

Darien said...

WOW, Awesome Pics!! Interesting post!!!! Hope you had a great weekend!!!

Thank you so much for the visit!! XOXO

Lean said...

O yo are in to the sneaks to....i want to see.Lovely pictures.It must feeling a little strange so back home.
Have a great week bye bye,Lean.

BabyBokChoy said...

fabulous sneaks, and those pictures are totally awesome! look at you jump!

Sindy said...

A big welcome back!! *pom pom*

Anonymous said...

nice job! waiting for your new artical. ........................................

♥ Audrey ♥ said...

Man those photos bring back memories... use to 'hang' out in M'sia quite a lot when I was back then! My goodness, you can really JUMP! Fab photo that is! Those vintage photos of your pa are fantastic.... hope to see them soon in your LOs! Take care.

Wendy Kwok said...

Very nice sneaks... and those vintage purse... think my ma has 1 of those. I saw a newspaper article of your family. Cool. You are light enough to jump so high. hee..hee.. i love reading your blog.

Blue Banana said...

Loving the sneaks! And Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jaz- Love the pics of your dad on his bikes! Gonig to show them to my dad :)