Friday, August 14, 2009

Last Friday.The Pump Room

Last Friday.It was a great nite out with the hot mommies. Simon took the kids. I headed to Clark Quay. Thanks cel, Audrey,Clara & all the mommies for the great Martini time.

me & sweet pea audrey. and hey abang,u sneaked in without us noety fello ;)
the 3scrappers. So happy to have met audrey (left) and clara (rite).
me & audrey .

and herez me and cel, the girlfriend that got me out and showed me what life is like for hot mommies haha.

I want to thank each and everyone of you that came by,took some precious time to drop me so much love. Each and every comments make me teary. and ive hit 30 with the numbers of followers. That mean the whole world to me. so touching to have you gals in my scrapbooking journey. so xie xie!

talking about being teary, i am holding back my tears and staying positive. Kai been tested h1n1 positive yesterday morning. my heart dropped. He's on Tamiflu now. thanks for all the smses,emails and calls.Thanks to pa-in-law that come all the way to deliver food and all. Thanks to all that offer to help. so glad to have you angels around. im coping alrite,beside wearing my mask,im wearing a cape too. Prayfully faith & lil sky will be fine.
but something funny happened. admidst all the crazy-bz-ness,lil sky is finally ditching his diapers for good. It's definitely big deal for me. something to smile about.
I promise will visit you in your blogworld soon. and play along your tagging soon. Have a great TGIF ;)


iza said...

hi jaz,
seems u r having a good time socializing n scrapping.ur latest creations, amzing!!!as usual.

Jude said...

Hi Jaz
Im so sorry to hear about Kai, I was dignosed with H1N1 5weeks ago, and by the time I got the results back I couldnt go on the Tamieflu tabs because it was well over the 72hr deadline, and on top of theat I got pnemonia, and was off work for 3 and a half weeks. I lost confidence in myself and didnt like being around people, as I was scared of catching it again. Im just getting better as time goes by, but it does knock you around, one of the worse form's of the flu you could ever get, and I am normally healthy and fit. My heart goes out to you and my prayers, take heeps of Panadole, plenty fresh cool water, and if you have it Lemon juice, hot water a teaspoon of New Zealand Manuka Honey, that hepled to break the fever and headaches. Thinking of U all. Arohanui XXX Kia Kaha (Stand Strong)

mica said...

Hi Jaz, I'm sorry to hear about Kai. Bless his heart. I'll be thinking about you and your family. Hope he'll get better soon.