Friday, June 26, 2009

im back

a page that i wanna focus on faith.she's such a darling.admire her being the real her.nothing to spirit. the you}nique her. when we had the meet-teacher session last week,the form teacher shared with us that half of Faith's class,abt 15 classmates chose her to be their title "My good friend". ;)

Mini album "we love everyday with you".for simon .for Father's day.

LO "Learn" is a layout of myself.a very young photo of me.taken when i was 21years old.

one of mt atf photo of faith taken at the Singapore Zoo,when she was 3.

a page for dear manis & George.a fab couple.

im back from the holidays.had a great one.but am down with fever i can't yak much here. But i must thank all that came by and left nice comments.

thanks all for dropping by ;)


Princess Gizmo said...

Hi darl :) glad you're back!! Miss your works now I can drool back again hehehe.. :D take care Jaz ok? Don't stress yourself take some medicine & get well soon.

Creative B Bee said...

Hey! Welcome back!! Take care!

iza said...

gorgeous design as always jaz.hope everythings ok...have a nice weekend.

Blue Banana said...

Hey! Weclome back! I miss you!! LOL I totally love the first layout of Faith! You are indeed a queen of layering!! And you were such a beauty queen back then and now ofcourse ... a yummy mummy!!! ;)

Edleen said...

great work as always Jaz!

oh've got fever too? hope you're feeling better and Take Care!