Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Snip snip @ {Create}

Hey there. How are you gals. Come over at {Create} and join in the Snip snip Challenge ;) Here's my layout for the cut-out challenge Im sure you will have fun. Im always amazed with all the submitted layouts. They are gorgeous. And oh yes, am so excited to see Sookie's April's layout is being featured at inspireMe. wtg ;)

And yes, as many of you been asking me. For you have seen my work at Leisure Park. Ive been super busy with my Easter Project at Growing Paints. And how much i miss my kiddos when im at I have not left them for such stuffs since i had my Kai 8 years ago. I was hoping to pursue my passion in scrapbooking and it was nice of Eric to invite me over there. I must thank Eric for this opportunity but I guess Im slowing down after Easter.

My laptop in on riot.Thus i can't upload my latest work. But will share them with you soon. and yes, please look out for the reveals by us, the Webster's Girls early May. My package arrived and I have been grinning day and nite. Thanks WP for such lovelies....;)

To all that came by. Thank you
To all that came by and emailed me. Thank you.
To all that came by and shared with simon about me, teehee.
Lotsa love from me to you...


iza said...

this is def one great page jazz....

Blue Banana said...

I want to thank you for what you do. Your artistic eye and creativity in your *art* never ceases to make me say "wow". ;)

Edleen said...

as always Jaz, wonderful work by you! :)

hope you're enjoying the weekend and have a fun week ahead!